Monday, January 15, 2007

Celebrated Dylan photo recreated & the weekend sport

Celebrated Dylan photo recreated

This was a nice story...especially 'cause the photo was taken on the day of the 1966 FA Cup final when Everton came from two goals down to beat Sheffield Wednesday (and Eddie Kavanagh became the first football hooligan).

Interesting to think of all those people in Liverpool glued to their radios whilst Bob Dylan himself was strolling round the city and posing for photographs with their kids.

Good story about some mischief by some Villa fans :
Football club in diary own goal

Liked this too :
BBC NEWS | Wales | South East Wales | Fans to fly high after match ban

One the face of it it should have been a bad weekend sportwise but our mate Rufus was up from London so we were always going to have fun. First up Waterloo put in an immensely creditable performance against high-flying Earth Titans (When you are playing a team claiming to represent the whole God-damn planet you know you are up against it). They looked very business-like and there was probably only ever going to be one winner but it was only when one of players was sin-binned that they punished us...Amazing as it sounds if Waterloo play like that between now and the end of the season they'll stay up. We had our usual gang at the game plus Rufus and a good time was had by all. We really should get membership next season. I also managed to get my hands on the rather fetching new white 'loo kit.

Going down fighting

Nice one AJ

Sunday saw us trip down to Goodison for a pretty dour game against Reading. The Royals are a fine club with a good manager, you've got to have a lot of respect for them. They nicked a goal largely through our own ineptitude. Everton rallied well in the second half and we equalised...It would have been ace if we could have snatched it at the death but me, Anne, Rufus and Sylvester Stallone all enjoyed the match.

I'm an Everton fan now

From there we had something to eat nipped to Lime St and had a quick pint with our guest whilst watching a fantastic game of footy. Spurs V Newcastle was superb, two of my least favourite clubs went at it hammer and tongs. Brilliant goal by Martins. Net result Everton are 7th....somehow. And pompous old Alan Green got annoyed but then his employers had to apologise for the fat wretch.

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