Wednesday, January 10, 2007

4-9 over 180 minutes. Arsenal claim the kop

3-6 and a penalty missed

Wow...didn't expect that. Evertonians have had fun today. Pathetic I know but after years of being on the recieving end it's nice to send a bit back the other way. Best one so far :

Q: What time did liverpool kick off last night

A: Every 15 minutes

The Guardian have been less than impressed with liverpool's look at us, we're the best fans in the world campaign :

Guardian Unlimited: Sport blog: Fans get the team they deserve

Whatever way you look at it that's a spanking...They charged premium rate for the game then put out a 2nd string team. Now fair enough if the manager wants to rest players but should you charge the top rate?

Meanwhile Bascombe's delusions stretch to claiming that liverpool's spending is out-stripped by Arsenal's big money academy

What a loon

In other news Sylvester Stallone is going to be at Goodison Park for the Everton V Reading game at the odd.

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Anonymous said...

Balboa could be just the midfield hardman we're looking for!