Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Cultural imperialist redshite

not sure if this is a wind-up or not :


"On what is a milestone day for the world-famous city of Liverpool, the football club that carries its name is delighted to launch an innovative and educational series that no Liverpudlian dare miss."

This is their official site...Words fail me how pompous liverpool football club can be at times.

It's ace the way they are trying to impose a pre-set uniqueness on everyone.

"Yes, we're all individuals"

Apart from insecure, pretentious, legislated uniqueness from those self righteous no-marks across the park sport is vital in this country

If it wasn't for sport then there would be nothing apart from show about nobodies in various situations or celebrities doing unexpected jobs. Celebrity Dance Idol, Celebrity Singing, Celebrity Horse Riding, Celebrity Haircut Salon, Celebrity Farm, Celebrity Soccer Challenge, Celebrities Sitting in a house for 6 weeks, Celebrities Sitting in a house for 6 weeks, Celebrity Sitting on an island spa for 6 weeks, Celebrity Coal-mining Academy, Celebrity Coastguard Idol conversely you've got obscure nobodies desperately trying to achieve this mythical celebrity status....I despair. What wrong with shows about people who are actually good at the jobs they've chosen and trained for?

If everyone stopped for half a minute and thought about the ridiculousness of these shows then they'd die off overnight.

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