Monday, March 20, 2006

The weekend

St Patrick's night was fun enough but I've got a feeling it meant that at 12:45 the next morning the Everton fans going the game weren't as vociferous as they'd usually be.

It was a unusually flat feeling 4-1 victory for Everton...pretty dull stuff in truth. We were passing it about well and they were pacey up-front which was causing nerves even at 3-1.

The Villa fans had a good sense of fun singing "We've got an honest bunch of lads" as a reference to their managers excuse mongering.

Had a quick couple of pints in the Black Horse afterwards and got home in time for the 2nd half ot the rugby. Ireland are improving because they only needed two dodgy tries to beat England this time....Keep up the good work lads.

As I type England are battling India's wagging tail in the final's going fairly well for the lads but they have to win to square the series. Fingers crossed.

Another comfortable win for 'loo but it actually means we lose ground on the other's 'cause we didn't get a 4th try and therefore no bonus point.

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