Friday, March 31, 2006

Viruses *cough*

Ironic that the last entry I did should be entitled Virus because for the past few days I’ve been lying in bed with a temperature of 1800 degrees C (although feeling like 0 kelvin). I’ve also been coughing up a seemingly inexhaustible production run of a new adhesive product I simply call “Green Tac” (Patent Pending). Ugh!

It’s not like me to be off work but I’ve spent most of the week aching, coughing, shivering and sweating in equal measures. On Tuesday, just as I was beginning to feel rough, I found out the weekly 5-a-side footy game was cancelled due to a general strike by government workers and I’ve never been so glad. I have to say that in the absence of Sky Sports or Internet Broadband being off work is pretty dull. It is shocking how bad the telly. Celebrity Pet Swap Antique Academy Challenge or endless low grade American sitcoms. Joy. Anyway enough of my moaning.

Everton play Sunderland tomorrow…they could be relegated (Sunderland I mean not Everton!). Not nice to see….then again you know Everton, if ever you need a result it seems Goodison is the place to get it (perversely we never seem to respect team’s long unbeaten records). Sunderland are a bit disappointing…The Mackems I know personally would go to see their team if they ended up in the Newcastle & District Division 6 amateur reserve team’s second XIs league. It’s been a shame to see the Stadium of Light barely half full all year. I know it’s a big ground for a club of their size but it was full not so long ago. Where are all those band-wagon jumpers when their club’s really needed them? I suppose it’s easy enough to criticise them but you’ve got to remember that their team hasn’t won a home game all season. Still I remember going up to the Stadium of Light and being amazed at how fickle their fans were. They were up in something like 3rd in the Premiership when we beat them 5-0 at Goodison and two months later they’d not won a game in the interim…it was 1-1 and they were booing Peter Reid as he stood up to give his team instructions. Then again I suppose I should climb off my high-horse, it was getting a bit hairy for Moyes for a while this season. Back when we just couldn’t win and were rock bottom of the Premiership there were people calling for Moyes to go. It was only ever the odd person moaning but there was a few. I always thought it was a false position and besides these empty vessels never elaborated on step two in their masterplan for success. Funny that! ”Step One : Get rid of the manager” is always fairly well mapped out but “Step Two : And replace him with xxxxxx” is always less well defined. Anyway with 43 points we can afford to take things as they come. Europe is still a possibility (although it’ll be difficult to see us overhauling both Bolton and Blackburn) but ultimately it’s Que Sera Sera.

Waterloo are away at Esher…a game that’s been looming on the horizon for a while but recent results mean that a bonus point win for the men in green, red & white would mean promotion with 3 games to spare, I don’t suspect that will happen, Esher are a very good team, but it goes to show how close ‘loo are now. Still a bonus point win for the Londoners and the lead is back down to 6. Mosely just seem to roll on and on and barring a truly awful turn round in form will be worthy champions.

Anyway enough sportyness (especially considering just walking round the garden is tiring me out at present). My friends Tina and Tony are off to Peru to walk the Inca trail this week…I am fundamentally jealous but we should be there before too long.

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