Friday, March 17, 2006


Fonz will ALWAYS be the ultimate in cool.

The ISO accept that he represents the bench mark for the internationally agreed standard on coolness levels. He clocks in at 1 Fonzie (this being the point of absolute coolness which nothing can exceed). The rest of us have levels measured in the millifonzies.

Alternatively there is a radical movement using the Daniel O'Donnel scale. A recent article pulished in the journal 'Cool & Coolness' details a scale that starts at 0 DO'Ds (the theoretical point at which there is a complete absense of cool) and rises up from there...the controversial theory behind this is that even Fonz could be more cool....for example if The Fonz started going to Everton games then the theory goes that he'd obviously be more cool...this would cause scientists using the millifonzie scale to have to recalibrate their scale whereas the DO'D scale would be okay.

When this topic is debated at ISO meetings supporters of Arthur 'Fonzie' Fonzarelli simply raise their thumbs and going 'Eyyyyyyyyyy'. The DO'D supporters have no counter-argument.

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