Friday, March 10, 2006

Weather spoils second Test again

Weather spoils second Test again

English whether here and in India making for little play at the TMS for me.

The rednoses crashed out of the Champions League. You know that feeling when a team gets a blatantly unjustified penalty but then the keeper saves it...lot of that about the other night.

In the same way all those foolish Evertonians got the half-time smiles wiped off their faces last year I think a few of our lovable cousins might have learnt a bit recently. Going to Old Trafford to 'five' the Utd fans & coming away well & truly Nevilled. All lined up in the pub cheering away as Barca took on 'Chelski', sending e-mails about big-red and Barca making John Terry cry then getting dumped out by one of the weakest teams left in the competition.

Live by the gloat die by the gloat...

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