Monday, March 13, 2006

Fat man the weekend's sport

Saw this in the Observer and thought I'd bookmark it.

Woke up yesterday to find a thick load of snow had plopped down onto Liverpool. In the time it took me and Anne to walk to the shop to get the sunday papers all our footprints had been covered over by fresh snow...I was not intending to do much with the rest of the day. In fact the way it was going it looked dodgy for getting work this morning (although ultimately that didn't happen).

Spent the day being depressed by England...The Cricket is currently plodding towards and Indian win after yesterday morning's capitulation, I then spent the afternoon watching the rugby team embarress themselves in of those days. The final footnote to the day was England's best midfielder reprising his European Championships by playing back a tame backpass to Theiry Henry putting him clean through on goal. Some of these were funnier than others.

Saturday had been "Score a spectacular goal" day in the Premiership...Everton, it has to be said, don't score many goals and goal-of-the-month contenders are even rarer. Against a woeful Fulham we scored was almost surreal! Two beautiful, audacious, sublime, spectacular goals sailing & looping their way into the far corner of the net. One into the Park End by Beats and in the second half McFadden did a brilliant chest down and volley into the Gwladys St....brilliant stuff. Whilst Everton were rampant against Fulham the rest of the Premiership seemed to be chipping in with great goals of their own. Gallas, Roberts, Mendez, Pederson amongst others.

Highlight of the bloke in the Upper Gwladys trying to salute Arteta's man of the match display with "Arrrrrteta, Arteta, Arteta." to the tune of the Mexican Hat Dance (oddly enough).

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Sara said...

Yay! I've found another Evertonian!

I hope it's ok that I've linked you on my blog - that way I remember to come back and read it.