Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Tough day at the cricket

Tough day

Third Test, Mumbai, day four (stumps):
England 400 & 191 v India 279 & 18-1

England have ground out a decent lead going into the final day at the Wankhede Stadium (*snigger*). The need another 9 wickets to draw the series and are defending a lead of 295 runs.

The name of a the venue for the match (second only to the Wankdorf stadium in Bern) allows me a priceless opportunity to swear without adding to my burgeoning Lent swearbox. Not doing too bad so far but the jar is slowly building up. As predicted the match is proving tricky but I'm generally remembering to go with "We don't care what the red side say, what the hell do we care" as opposed to the real words. The brummies in front of us are enjoying my inability to join in with the banter but at the end of the Villa game the wife of the couple, Ann, gave me a pound of the jar as penance for their contributions.

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