Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The haka

The first test went about as well as could be expected. We got battered. O'Driscoll answered the haka challenge by tossing some grass in the air...the All Blacks responded by spearing him into the ground within 40 seconds of the kick off....no more BO'D.

Not that it makes any difference...we were 2nd best all game but you do expect better from the All Blacks.

I have a friend out there at present who is going to the 2nd test....they have been instructed to scream blue murder at Umaga and Mealamu. England expects...

As a retaliation the Lions took on mid-table 2nd division side Manawatu and battered them by over 100 points. Ha ha, who's laughing now.

Call me cynical but our new power of four anthem is hardly the right way of going into a game with a bunch of screaming Maori warriors. That there Haka is a very good way of throwing down a challenge...compare it to :


Anyway, As well as someone in Kiwiland I also have a mate currently in Sydney...this coupled with my bro being in South America is giving me itchy feet but for the time being the priority is getting our lovely little house sorted. It's coming along nicely.

Nigel is in another couple of adverts...The boy's a star :



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