Monday, June 20, 2005

The best bit of post of the year

Mine and Anne's season tickets have arrived and are safely in our possession. It's always an ace moment opening the envelope and getting the ticket in your hand.

I picked them up after footy last week and was looking at them in the pub. A fellow bluenose asked if I'd got my passport up to date at the same time only for a rednose to shout over that we'd only need them once...I looked at my watch and said "Better hurry mate, you lot will be starting their first qualifying match in 5 minutes" he grumbled a bit and shut up.

Even last year when all looked lost actually getting your ticket in your hand was still something special.


Seem piccies of the new kit all we have to do is sign some players!

More cricket success. The Australians have now lost to England, Sommerset, Bangladesh and England again so far. Peiterson's 91 and Collingwoods catch were fabulous (They played the commentary for the catch and you could here the gasp go up from the crowd, Breathtaking is a much overused word but that's the only word to describe that). 5Live were mischieviously asking whether Australia should retain their test status....funny but let's just wait 'til after the test series before passing judgement.

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