Tuesday, June 14, 2005

BBC SPORT | Cricket Scorecard

BBC SPORT Cricket Scorecard

I know it's just a Twenty20 warm up game and in the grand scheme of things matters little......but wow. England demolished the Aussies last night. Battered them. We roughed them up too.

England Innings
179 for 8 (20.0 overs)
Australia Innings
79 all out (14.3 overs)

You just don't see scorecards like this from them :

A C Gilchrist 15
M L Hayden 6
A Symonds 0
M J Clarke 0
M E K Hussey 1
R T Ponting 0
D R Martyn 4
B Lee 15
J N Gillespie 24
M S Kasprowicz 3 not out
G D McGrath 5

They'll be like a wounded animal now but battle is joined and it's first blood to us.


The Expeditionary forces aren't faring as well down in Kiwiland though. We got mauled by the Maoris at the weekend and now Lewis Moody is injured. Things may come together for the tests but "Brian O'Driscoll's pride of pussycats" (as the kiwi press are calling them) need to find their best line-up ASAP and losing players like Moody and Dallaglio isn't helping. I had to laugh at one of their newspapers descibing Shane Williams as "small enough to be barred from getting on certain fairground rides".

On the home front Everton seem to be missing out on their first choice signings who favour moves to clubs that will pay them more. Then again if Scott Parker turned his nose up at Champions League footy & £40k per week at a club that's just done something really remarkable in favour of the intertoto cup footy at an anarchic creche managed by a twat and owned by contemptuous & contemptable arseholes (Sorry Newcastle fans) then that's all we need to know.

I am also not too concerned if players are failing our medicals...we can't afford to be paying £30,000 per week for people to warm a treatment table.


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