Thursday, June 02, 2005


So the footy season draws to a close with Everton as the 4th best team in the land...the season tickets are renewed, we can't buy the new shirt yet so that's it...we are officially off what do we do with ourselves now then?

Official Website of the British & Irish Lions Rugby Tour

I suppose we'll just have to try and batter some chaps from the colonies.

The Lions tour on New Zealand and then The Ashes...It's what summer was invented for.

The Lions are something I'll just enjoy...for me New Zealand's rugby union team are up in that elite bracket along with the West Indies cricket team and the Brazilian footy team. They have the aura, testing 'yourself' against them is always something special....England Vs The Aussies in anything is always a derby.

Doing well in both test series would be great but given a choice it's the ashes.

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