Thursday, June 16, 2005

Not so much a garden...more a James Herbert novel

For a second time since we've moved in I've had to remove enough snails from my garden to feed Paris for a week. Last night I collected at least a kilogram in around 10 minutes. Ugh!

Not having any pellets and lacking the stomach just to dowse them in salt there and then I took them round the corner and dumped should take them a good 2 months to crawl back.

I wonder if I could have taken the squirming bag of escargot to one of the French restaurants in Allerton?

Anyway something needs to be done.

In other news we got in yesterday to find a little hand drawn card dropped in by one of the neighbours. Nice to find such nice people in the street.


Roxanne said...

Thanks for your comment. Yes, we are so much better than the redshite, although it still hurts that they are taking money off us. However, it will make it all the more sweet when we thrash them and send them flying out of the Champions League! Btw, a hand-drawn card..? Sounds intriguing.

Stuey said...

Nothing interesting...just the ridiculously cute little girl who lives opposite welcoming us to the street...all the nieghbours seem sound. They all seem at pains to let us know how quite it is on the estate...this could be to let us know that that's how they want it to stay but more likely it's just what everyone is wanting in these days of scally kids and ASBOs.