Monday, July 04, 2005

Home and Away

Well interesting weekend of sport...I'll focus on that rather than Live 8 'cause the whole thing struck me as awful

Awful sets from basically everyone I seemed to see ("We are REM and this is what we do..." *sound shit*)

Awful simpering, fawning, coverage.

Awful shots of dickheads and dickhead couples in the crowd.

Awful that they took all the African artists and locked them in a greenhouse as far from London and Edinburgh as possible (then gave them 30 seconds coverage at a time until Dido turned up).

I don't just didn't ever seem to do it...maybe it was the coverage but it never got past being a celeb backing slapping party.

Who was that trainee Jo Whiley doing the banal vacuous interviews backstage and sitting next to the Queen simperer herself on the celeb couch with Jonathon Ross later on?

The thing that set the tone early on was when one band came on, they were half way through the second song when the beeb cut away to a recorded interview of the aforementioned fawining bimbo asking The Killers such cutting and earth shattering questions as "So how old were you when Live Aid was on?.........What do you remember........are you having a good time..........will you be nervous". Then they cut over to the Eden Project for 30 seconds before zipping back to Jonathon Ross so he could have a jokey-jokey laugh with Ricky Gervais.

Anyway I said I wasn't going to focus on it.

The Lions got battered again but at least this time they played. There are times you just have to take your hat off to the better side. The All Blacks were superb, The Lions did themsleves justice but the best side won, it was the same at the Wimbledon final, Roddick was playing well but Federer is just better.

The cricket was ridiculously tense...after England looked like they'd thrown the game away they rallied superbly to get themselves back into the game. They needed 2 from the last ball to tie the final and duly got them. A tremendous effort. Excellent stuff.

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