Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Well The Lions were battered in each of the three tests and the Aussies are beginning to look ominously imposing in the run up to the first test.

I was clearing out newspaper wrack and found my Lions handbook...the entry on O'Driscoll started "A lot is resting on O'Driscoll's shoulders" *ahem* like your entire bodyweight and that of two All Black opponents.

On a lighter not I got my first e-bay star......Yay for me!

Everton are plodding along nicely...rumours are the Arteta is going to sign, we already have a centre half and a right winger (No not Lee Bowyer). We've beaten an Austrian pub side 9-0 with a hat-trick from little James Vaughan and we are meant to have played well against Dundee in a closed doors friendly at Bellefield...curiously the rumour is we had two internationals on trial during that match but everyone involved is sworn to secrecy.

The more I think about it the more I'm glad we didn't break the bank for the likes of Emre, Parker & Forsell....Moyes knows what sort of players will do well. Players like Cahill and Bent who are anxious to take their big chance. Much better than mercurial 'superstars' earning huge money on the backs of their reuptation. James 'The Beat' Beattie has done something truly awful to his hair but he is another player with something to prove...if he knuckles down than the talent he has will come through.

The harder we work....the luckier we seem to get.

I am beginning to look forward to the new season now...I know it's a way off but I can't wait. I have my voluntary work at the end of the month then the Champions League qualifier (I am pretty sure we have enough cash to cover an away trip....hope I can get tickets).



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