Monday, July 18, 2005


This weekend I was described as 'Normal looking'. I am so proud.

Had a pleasant enough weekend...nice and hot and sunny. Having a house with a garden is proving a real bonus. It's so nice just sitting out under clear blue skies drinking beer and watching the birds flutter by.

Getting a fairly nice tan too.

It's now only 12 days 'til I set off to France for my holiday/noble self sacrifice voluntary work. Really looking forward to it now. This time I am getting down there on my own. Last time I had to lug my backpack plus that of some old dears who had latched onto us. I am not exactly the most muscular of chaps so I'd like to avoid repeat of doing a sherpa impression.

This is the first time I've done the journey solo. The first time I took a coach trip...this was going smoothly until the wheel feel off the bus somewhere in Kent...quite scary at the time let me tell you (we were actually going 60 mph in the middle lane at the time). Anything less eventful than this will be acceptable. It shouldn't be a problem as long as I can get my ass across Paris in 5 hours (Let's face it I could walk it in that time).

In other news Arteta is now fully signed so we just need a good left back and we can approach the season with something getting towards a decent first choice team.

My brother & Claire are now in Mexico, Sophie is in India, I think Harriet is still in NZ, Joost is in Australia and Sara Kay has just got back...The nice weather and lazy, Kronenborg soaked afternoons in the sun are tempering the jealousy.


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