Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What's that coming over the hill? Is it the Scousers? Is it the Scousers?

I have to admit I'd genuinely thought our chance to get to Wembley had gone with the original tie but Everton we immense last night. So rare for us to just put a tie to bed in such a dominant maner.

Felt really sorry for David Vaughan but even 2-0 didn't reflect the way the game unfolded :

Hugely proud of the team and the 6000 people who made their way up to back the lads.

So now Wembley against our lovable neighbours...within minutes of the final whistle Everton have said that all season ticket holders are guaranteed a ticket so that is pretty good. Means we can book transport etc and get everything sorted for another Wembley trip. I know people say the days of the friendly derby are over but this could be a fantastic day for the city of Liverpool. Let's hope so.

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