Friday, March 23, 2012

The football season enters the home stretch

Interesting the see the opening salvos in the mind games between Man Utd and Man City...have to say first blood to United with Alex Ferguson easily dismissing Patrick Viera's comments about Paul Scholes' return being "desperation". Coming in the wake of Carlos Tevez being welcomed back like the prodigal son it was pretty much a "hoisted by your own petard" moment for City.

Cheap shots were thrown back the other way by Rio Ferdinand by saying that you see loads more City shirts around Manchester since they've had their new owners. City fans will be particularly sensitive to that as they've always seen themdelves as the hometown club with United as the fashionable glory-hunters accesory (much the way Evertonians try to paint liverpool).

For Everton our season hinges on that cup replay against suspect our chance has gone now after the annoyance of the original tie (two penalties waved away, hitting the woodwork, wonder saves from their keeper and a ref buying everything Sunderland did). If we do get through a tie against liverpool on the Hillsboro anniversary will be the superb event for the city.

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