Friday, March 09, 2012

Lansley refuses to publish the NHS reform Risk Register report.

This really is sinking to a new low in this whole sorry debacle. Now Andrew Lansley is refusing to comply with a court order to release the NHS Reform risk register report. If the bill is nothing to worry about and will benefit the service overall then why not comply with the Freedom of Information request and let us all see it. Pathetic the way he's handled this whole thing.

If he continues to blithely ignore the warnings of virtually every single person involved inthe National Health Service whilst trying to bury reports on his reform bill surely his position is untennable and his bill a write-off. It's actually getting pitiful now.

NHS risk register: Ministers lose Freedom of Information appeal

Ministers have been ordered to publish a risk assessment of the NHS shake-up under Freedom of Information laws.

The Department of Health had appealed against an FOI ruling that the transition risk register, requested by Labour MP John Healey, be published.

But it lost, despite civil servants' warnings that to publish confidential advice could have a "chilling effect".

Mr Healey said the ruling gave "strong legal support to a full and open debate" about NHS plans for England.

"The judgement backs the public's right to know about the risks the government is taking with its NHS plans," he said - accusing the government of having "dragged out" the process for 15 months.

Well done to Andy Burnham and John Healey for fighting tooth and nail on our behalf. Further shame on Quisling Clegg for his pathetic crocodile tears and can't public voice concerns about a bill you've voted through parliament at every opportunity.

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