Thursday, March 29, 2012

FA Cup Semi Final Kick-Off Times

Hopefully the kick-off times for the Merseyside FA Cup Semi final at Wembley will be in keeping with the precedent set over the past 4 years and be at a sensible time. Rumours abound that the Met will insist that the Everton V Liverpool semi final on Saturday the 14th kick off at 12:45.

This would make it incredibly tricky for reds and blues to get down there and one broken down train or car crash on the M6 could mean a half empty ground. The fact that it's a derby shouldn't make any difference. In previous years United V City was at 5pm in 2011, Arsenal V Chelsea in 2009 was at 17:15 so realistically it shouldn't be any different for Evertonians and Liverpudlians.

I know these matches present a tricky problem for the police but it shouldn't be one rule for us and one rule for the rest...hopefully I am blogging un-necessarily and it'll be a nice afternoon kick-off.

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Anonymous said...

I work with a Liverpool FC scout. The club has been told by the Police and Wembley's health and safety team that a 5-5.30 kick off will not be happening. 2pm has been mentioned along with 3pm. The Metropolitian Police wanted kick off to be 12.30 however LFC officials have told them that this would be unacceptable!