Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Rebekah Brooks arrested along with her husband Charlie

The blogosphere is having a field day with Charlie Brooks column in the Telegraph today ahead of the Cheltenham Festival "The happiest moment of my year is about three hours before the first race at Cheltenham on Tuesday" says Charlie...unlucky Sir. He was arrested along with Rebekah Brooks as part of the corruption enquiry lead by Lord Leveson

The BBC have put together this useful chart of all the players in this sordid mess.

Media Corruption map

Nice to see David Cameron linked so prominently in there, thick as theives with Brooks and Coulson...terrible, terrible judgement or an arrogance that he can appoint/associate with whoever he like (Emma Harrison anyone?)

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PolleeTickle from Twttr said...

for some perspective; brooks is married to david cameron's old school friend. at the time of his employment by conservatives coulson was unemployed after being cleared by a court for involvement in prior media scandals by his staff. its all out there.