Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Welcome back Mathew Street festival

God bless the Mathew Street festival. It's just doesn't matter about the line-up it's just fun and that's all that matters. Last year's cancellation just brought it home how much we all like it.

This year was extra special for us 'cause my cousin Michael was playing one of the outdoor stages with his band The Little Hydes. Anyway, after we'd checked that out we ambled round from venue to venue for the rest of the day checking out the various acts. Led Zep tribute rocked, the Elvis was ACE (well not THE Elvis but you know what I mean), Rolling Stones spent more time trying to look and act like the real thing instead of actually playing the songs and we witnessed possibly the most proficient but least engaging Beatles tribute band ever. Really, it doesn't matter how proficient you are, if you are going to get a square full of revellers and then just play a series of low key numbers from Abbey Road and The White Album you might impress purists but you aren't going to keep the crowd.

None of that matters though 'cause the whole day is just great fun, everyone just seems to walk round having a great time. This year there was a new bands fringe which is a great idea. Unfortunately the best intentions disapeared amidst a late flurry of real ale and then tapas. Sorry....anyway there's always next year.

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