Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hope University used in Nigerian scam

Liverpool Hope University used in Nigerian scam

"The name of Liverpool Hope University has been used in an internet scam.

About 15 students in Nigeria have been sent fraudulent degree offer letters purporting to be from Liverpool Hope University.

The bogus educational and scholarship agencies have then asked the applicants for non-refundable acceptance fees.

The university was alerted to the scam when several students got in touch who had paid their fees but not heard anything more about their places."

Now I think that is a terrible story and really shows the terrible situation in the 3rd world. The that these people were desperate enough to go to Hope University in the first place is truly heart-breaking.

No mention of the fact that Hope has been masquerading as a University for years before the Nigerians got onto the scam. ;) :) :P

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