Thursday, August 14, 2008

Oh it's all gone quiet over there

So we approach the new seasons and I'm feeling pretty rubbish about them. Everton have marked time for 2 months whilst everyone else has strengthened and reports from inside Blundelsands are about as frequent as those from inside Area 51.

It would appear that my two teams are becalmed...not expecting great things from either team this season to be honest. At least in David Moyes and Chris O'Callaghan we have two managers I believe in. Everton especially is a dissappointment...we were ideaally placed to kick on and consolidate after last year. We've lost Johnson, Carsley & Wessels and replaced them with no-one. The youngsters coming throughare a bonus but let's face it, it's a gamble. As for 'loo I just hope we stilled have Pablo's services...we'll just have to see.

Anyway I've done my collated fixture list and the prognosis for a sport filled season is looking good. So far only 3 games clash...there will doubtless be cup games coming into the equation but there'll also be Sky switching games too. There is I notice a fantastic looking double header weekend on my birthday. GET. IN.

As to the prospects for the new season "Bring it on" I say.....just with less enthusiasm than normal. For those of a Royal Blue and Myrtle & Scarlet persuasion there is rough and ready dual fixture list at the bottom of this blog.

Everton and Waterloo fixture list

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REDLeader said...

Everton's defence was in total shambles! Wondering if we'll even get one new face!