Friday, September 21, 2007

Useless feckers

Okay that sounds a bit petty but it was such an annoying game last night. At least almost 40,000 bluenoses can tell our grandkids that we saw the world's narrowest midfield, it was practically a 90 minute group hug from Carsley, Osman, McFadden and Neville). Apart from the first 25 minutes we got suckered into playing narrow & tight with them and frankly they were better at it than us. There was no nouse or brains because as far as I could see an expensive game would have killed them. Any width we are going to get was going to come from Baines & Hibbert getting forward and Johnson & Yakubu darting out wide. Yakubu looked extremely ponderous whilst Hibbert stood out as player having an absolute nightmare.

At 1-0 with AJ having just slotted in a penalty and them down to 10 men it all looked rosey. The ref spotted an encroachment and AJ missed....we then gifted them a goal from nothing (a clearance rebounding and them breaking forward). From there at all felt utterly forlorn and when Johnson stepped up for his third penalty of the night (courtesy of an almost comical rugby tackle on Anichebe) you knew what was going to happen. So result for the Mentalists and we need to chase the game in Kharkiv (a game they'll sit on quite comfortably I'd say). European football is cack.

Эвертон v Металлист - BBC Match Report

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