Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Phil Neville deserves cheers not jeers - Telegraph

Phil Neville deserves cheers not jeers - Telegraph

"A quick rewind through the past month shows why, starting on Aug 14 at Tottenham Hotspur when Neville utterly dominated Jermaine Jenas in leading Everton to victory.

At the final whistle, the midfielder ran across to the jubilant hordes of away supporters. Neville removed his sweat-darkened shirt, leant across the hoardings and handed it gently to a wheelchair-bound Everton fan. A special souvenir for a special night."

Good old Phil Neville. Nice to see him getting a bit of recognition (even if it is in two of my least favourite papers).

Why footballer Phil Neville's daughter is a walking miracle

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Sara said...

Neville's daughter is such a cutie. And I hope he's not a Yankees fan.