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Hell hath no fury...

Look like Chris Bascombe, who I've long held contempt for as one of the bitterest most arrogant kopites around, has jumped into bed with The News of the World (Ie The Sun's sunday edition). Given I always thought he was an appalling 'journalist' anyway I find this whole thing very, very funny. Not only has he stuck two fingers up and the club he's sycophant-in-chief for but also at the fans who lapped up every fawning word he's ever wrote. Given the shockingly poor standard of his one-eyed jealousy laced ramblings it also tells me everything I need to know about "The Sunday Sun" that they'd employ the guy.

Over at Everton aparently the old Bellfield tradition of getting unsuspecting souls with a bucket of water from the first floor window is still going strong but for Gravesen's return they got him with a bucket of oxtail soup. Lescott was saying that once Beattie turned up for training in some posh, expensive jacket and when he got back into the dressing room all the team had signed it telling him they assumed it was for charity. I love Everton.

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