Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Return of the Yak

Sheff Wed 0 - 3 Everton

Phew...I have the feeling that was a vital win. It just felt like a defeat would have seen things start to spiral. We now can hold our heads up going into the game on Sunday and if things go well there then we are nicely set up for the return leg in Kharkiv.

Great to see Yak involved in all three goals too. McFadden too. Hibbert got dropped which will probably help take the heat off him a bit. We do need AJ to chip in with a goal...he hasn't been playing badly at all but we do need him off the mark.

It sounded like a pretty ropey performance against a Sheff Wed side with dismal form but ultimately a win is a win. A real tonic.

Tremendous result at Old Trafford for Coventry...aparently they brought 11,000 fans with them too.

PS Well done to ITV for devoting most of their hour highlights show to two games (including full analysis). ITV : rubbish at televised it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be.

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