Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Everton back Ayegbeni Yakubu's work ethic - Telegraph

Everton back Ayegbeni Yakubu's work ethic - Telegraph

Worrying :

"The Nigerian was left out at Villa Park as Moyes felt the £11.25?million club record signing had not been working hard enough recently.

After coming on as a 69th minute substitute, Yakubu was admonished by Leighton Baines for failing to chase down a simple ball. That resulted in Baines remonstrating with Yakubu for his lack of effort..."

further down

"...Irvine also believes left-back Baines was perfectly entitled to vent his frustration at Yakubu.

"It's the way it should be, and it's the way it's always been," added Irvine.

"The best teams have always been able to tell each other what they think. Everyone talks about team spirit, well team spirit isn't about always being everybody's friend, or telling them the good things.

"It's about being able to tell them what you think and what they need to do to help you, and people have to accept it and not take it as being something personal.

"When people can argue, get on with things and still be friends, that's when you know you've really great spirit.

"And from what I've seen, he [Yakubu] has not taken it personally at all. He has come in smiling.

"He trained in a very small group of lads yesterday who hadn't played, and was terrific. While today he has come in with a smile on his face and there has been absolutely no problem."

Really hope we haven't replaced one Beattie with another (and chucked in £7m for the privelige). Return of the Yak! Show us what you can do.

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