Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Volumes

Just got back from seeing my cousin Michael and his band The Volumes play The Barfly in Liverpool. It's easy to be biased about these things but I thought they really were good.

Just young lads learning their stuff but you can always tell which are the bands who are writing and practicing and trying get better and which ones where just there for the hell of being in a band (Not that there's anything wrong with just doing it for fun). There were a load of bands on last night on two floors...a couple them which were absolutely top. Can't really argue with that can you.

Anyway as pennance for our midweek rock and roll fix we had to stand next to a load of Avril Lavigne wannabes all trying to out-"whatever" each other and got asked to go the bar far some frustrated underage drinkers.

...oh and we got absolutely drenched on the way home.

Anyway check out our The Volumes MySpace....Soldier Boy in particular is my favourite (Although once again I can't be expected to be objective as I'm pretty sure it one our Michael wrote).

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