Friday, June 08, 2007

upbeat melancholy

Yep folks we live in a world where everyone is knows about Paris Hilton going to jail


And yet Darcey Bussell's swan(lake)-song is hardly deemed news worthy. A good reminder of why we have a BBC there tonight I think.

Not that I'm a big ballet fan...I just think someone who's actually good at something should be more famous than someone who just pouts and goes to parties her entire life and is a bit thick.

Another good reason to have a BBC is so people on the Newsnight Review can use phrases like "upbeat melancholy" and "up-to-date retro" when describing something. Outstanding work by Kirsty Wark for keeping order (and a straight face) during the lively debate on Sir Paul McCartney's surprisingly well recieved new album.

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