Saturday, June 02, 2007

Taking the bliss

I've been talking to people recently about how un-anecdotal my life is at the moment. Not in a mid-life crisis sort of way. Good Lord no. Just an observation that when you catch up with friends more often than not there is very little of true interest to tell people. Yes, this is a bit boring but bearing in mind the old Chinese curse "May you live in interesting times" it's not too awful.

Today me and Anne set about further work on our jungle like garden...this time the mess of a shrubbery at the front. Still lot of work to be done there but it was such a gorgeous day that we were fairly pleased with our efforts.

Having finished our deforestation mission we settled in the back for a sunny afternoon beer and dozed until the sunset....nothing of note happened but there are few more pleasant scenarios that sitting dozily reading a newspaper with a beer whilst your wife snoozes next to you as the early summer sun beats downs and birds sing there little hearts out.

One similar super-pleasant notes the baby and wedding season seems to be upon us. Una and Dave got married last weekend and Mark and Catherine's wedding fast approaches. my cousin and Anne's cousins are having their's soon too. Lots of suit wearing to be done. Babies are bursting onto the scene left, right and centre too...first there was little Jack who as I've mentioned I'm priveliged enough to be Godfather to, then there was an old friend of mine, Lauren who's recently brought little Jesamine into the world (after spending about 90 hours in labour!!!) and now there's little Ellen up in the north east. Congrats to the O'Boyles, the Berry-Potts and the Symcocks. Great news across the board!

Other Business : Hats off to Endemol (I never thought I'd be saying that) for provocatively stirring up debate in Holland about organ donarship. Skillfully done.

The big donor hoax

It has to be said, though, that Anne clocked it straight away as a wind-up whilst I was suitably aghast.


Sophie said...


Mio Destino is running a cricket competition and I was wondering if your readers might be interested in entering?



Anonymous said...

Hi Stu,
Saw your blog and wondered if we are related. I'm mike brandwood from Auckland NZ, ex L'pool. Dad went to Waterloo Grammar years ago. His family was all from Seaforth area. Have got a cousin in Litherland and others in Southport now. Dad reckons that all Brandwoods came from Lancashire. Anyway, enjoyed your blog. everton must be your middle name! C ya, Mike on