Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Man City hit back in Barton row

Man City hit back in Barton row

"Barton, 24, is contractually entitled to the pay-off if he leaves the club without requesting a transfer, but City are refusing to give him the money because they say he was not forced to leave."

How can Joey Barton expect anything off City....given that he put one his team-mates in hospital that's a fairly emphatic way of putting yourself up for sale. The mind boggles sometimes...I can really see why fans would walk away from modern football. Little snidey wretches like him acting like thugs time and time again then holding court & raking in stupid amounts of money. I really hope City hold out otherwise what's to stop any player smacking a team-mate in order to circumvent the need to request a transfer and endanger your precious, precious pay-off.

The fat crook Allardyce isn't helping matters either :

"Allardyce is angry with City for the hold-up and said: "They're out of order. I'm flabbergasted and want the situation resolved.

I cannot understand it because City didn't pay anything for this player as he came through the youth system and they are selling him for over £5m."

The whole thing makes you sick...so glad Everton didn't try and sign him.

Anyway it's official now...There's nobody better than Mikel Arteta, he's the best little spaniard we know.

(This comes just weeks after getting the unsung hero award)

"A huge 55,000 votes were cast in our poll and a surprise winner emerged, with Everton star Mikel Arteta pipping PFA Player of the Year and Footballer of the Year Cristiano Ronaldo to our award.

The Blue half of Merseyside clearly mobilised their troops to get voting as Arteta claimed 31 per cent of the vote, a full seven per cent clear of the Manchester United star.

Steven Gerrard (18), Paul Scholes (10) and Cesc Fabregas (9) all polled well, but both Ryan Giggs and Steve Sidwell only managed to claim one per cent of the vote."

UPDATE (14/6/07) :

much wants more

In the end Newcastle upped their offer by the required 300k so Joey get's his money...Staggering.

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