Sunday, June 17, 2007

odd, odd rules

Nice to see Beckham pick up his league winners medal with Madrid last night but you really have to wonder why a league can be decided via head-to-head results before goal difference.

It's meant to be the best team over a full season....surely goal difference comes into that.

Primera Division final table

Very strange....still that's the rule, you've got to go out and win by them. Commiserations to Barca though.

Note our old mates Villareal are in the UEFA...would like to see them again in the group stage. They were a top, top side two years ago and really were an impressive team to watch, it was no surprise to us blues when they came within an ace of the Champions League final that season. Even so we pushed them all the way....the Yellow Submarines need to remember : Collina's retired now.

Trouble in the Netherlands...atop a background of racist abuse aimed at our U21 players Matt Derbyshire waltzed past a stricken Serbian defender to seal a group stage win. Not very sporting and then not very clever to celebrate like an arse in the face of the furious Serbs.

This is how it's done :

Perhaps the abuse his team-mates recieved had something to do with it (I don't know if the chants were before or after his goal) but ugly scenes followed Derbyshire's goal. It really isn't on to play on in those circumstances. Serbia were already qualified so neither team really loses out but still.

BBC Report

Oh and Lewis Hamilton continues to prove he's a bit good...if this continues we can close the book on Sports Personality of the year....unless some minority reports get their block vote moving again.

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