Thursday, May 24, 2007

It's UEFA's fault

icLiverpool - There is just no time to dwell on this:

"Those incredible supporters, who did all they could yet again to cheer their team to Athens glory, hampered it seemed at every twist and turn by UEFA and then again at the stadium by the Greek police and authorities."

I'm sorry but that's just pathetic and really does anger me. They were hampered by the 23,000 of supposed their mates who tried to blag their way in. If any group of fans should understand the dangers it's them. If you go in without a ticket or with one you know to be fake you are a scab....plain and simple.

Proper reds....Here's your kop 'education'. Don't buy The Sun, good God no. But feel free to try and get into the match anyway you can. We'll cover for you. really is.

EDIT :further a piece relating to the Echo apologist piece :

The Times

I do think that people like those pompous Reclaim the Kop people should break ranks and try and get people to not go to the ground if they've no ticket. The lads I know who go generally have it organised like a military operation, nothing is left to chance re ticket, flights, accomodation. What happened over there sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. It's most definitely not just a liverpool thing tough. Look at problem United had in Lille...time for a bit of discipline from footy fans in general.

On a lighter note :

No comment nescessary.

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