Sunday, May 06, 2007

BBC SPORT | Everton 3-0 Portsmouth

BBC SPORT | Everton 3-0 Portsmouth

Fantastic day at Goodison yesterday...up there with the best. The first half hour was very cagey as we got suckered into playing their game. We were never going to beat a strong Portsmouth back-line at head tennis (is there a more under-rated player than Linvoy Primus?). Neville and Carsley seemed to get the players together in a huddle. The game seemed to turn on that...Everyone looked more confident, the crowd were rocking, we finished the first half strongly and the second half was a masterclass. Arteta just seemed to grab the game by the scruff of it's neck. Everyone seemed lifted. There never looked to be any doubt. 3-0 and other results going for us. A UEFA cup berth is almost guaranteed (failing that Intertoto here we come).

Follow, follow, follow.
Everton is the team to follow
and there's nobody better than Mikel Arteta
He's the best little Spaniard we know!

A joyfully applauded lap of honour followed, happy days at Goodison. Vaughan and Anichebe threw their boots into the crowd. Osman's lad was mad for it. Cahill was warmly greeted and Moyes grabbed AJ and insisted the Gwladys sing his name (as if we needed prompting). Bounced home exchanging greetings with total strangers. I love it when Everton make us love them.

A few European games might be fun and possible vital in getting Arteta to stick with us. If a player is inspiring Everton fans to got the game wearing a red Spain shirt with his name on the back you know he's touched hearts. Hope he stays with us. I know you say that no one player is bigger than the club but at the moment it is a privelige to have him in our side.

How could you ever think of saying that about a player like Joey Barton. These rumours about him coming to Everton are worrying me. Just can't imagine supporting that horrible, horrible player. Even if he were the best player in the world he'd not be fit to wear our royal blue shirt.

This is an interesting development : League to probe Howard loan deal. I assumed the clause was still in effect 'cause we couldn't change his registration (Ie. sign him permanently) outside of the transfer window. Hope there's no punishments as we've already lost out.


There seems to have been a statement made about the matter clearing both clubs :

"The Premier League have reacted quickly to clear Everton of any wrong-doing concerning the transfer of Tim Howard from Manchester United.

Reports in the Sunday press suggested both clubs were in the spotlight over the deal because Howard did not figure in the Premiership game between the clubs at Goodison last weekend.

However, after investigating the matter the League has cleared both clubs of any wrongdoing.

A statement from the Premier League said: "At the time of Tim Howard's permanent transfer from Manchester United to Everton, the Premier League ensured there were no agreements in place that contravened our rules.

"As a result of recent comments we had sought further clarification from both clubs and are satisfied that it remains the case that there were no agreements that breached any of our rules.

Everton were free to play Tim Howard in their fixture against Manchester United had they so wished - and this has been confirmed by both clubs."

Howard moved to Goodison on a season-long loan last summer but a permanent deal for the goalkeeper was agreed between the clubs in February."

Do disrespect to Iain Turner but why on earth didn't we play our first choice keeper if we were free to do so. Either there was some shady deal on the matter OR a royal adminstratice screw up on Everton's part and they just didn't know the rules.

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