Monday, May 21, 2007

Have your cake and eat it?

Just one question on the whole "liverpool fans complaining about Champions League ticket allocations" thing....if your team happily takes millions upon millions of pounds in sponsorship from a contrived midweek gravy-train of a tournament and this money effectively keeps you in a league-above-a-league domestically.......can you really complain if the final of this gravy-train tournament ends up dominated by the corporate side of things?

I had a fair bit of sympathy over last season's FA Cup ticket theft but not this time sorry.

Besides according to their official site they seem to have allocated what tickets they did get on basis of "biggest dickheads first" : We can all play Bellend-Bingo on Wednesday!

Evertonians will never have their trophies....but I'm pretty sure we'll never make tools of ourselves the way they do.

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