Thursday, May 03, 2007



I'm liking that...although ultimately this is what an Everton shirt should look like :

Once again it looks like the RojoMierda will be buying me my new Everton shirt (With a nice number 8 on the back as a tribute to the little man). I put a tenner on them getting past Chelsea netting me £35, I lumped that onto them winning the thing which will get me £64. Just to be sure I've layed off £12 to cover my stake.

So I'll either be very relieved and break even or pissed off and up £40 odd quid.

I know this sounds petty but you have to be in Liverpool to understand...the gloatfest will be unbearable should they win.

It's already start with them referring to the FA Cup final as the Champions League third place play-off.

I will genuinely not take any pleasure in seeing them lose that final but the relief at not having their smugger, more arrogant fans lord it over us & rub our noses in it will be tangible.

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Norfolk Blogger said...

A really nice blog. I've linked to you in my "unpolitcal Evertonians" blogroll. I say this not because I am expecting a reciprocal link (I sometimes also write about Norwich City as I am a season ticket holder there), but because I like the way you write what you think.

I am a bit worried about the end of the season althoug a win against Portsmouth should see us in Europe (I think).