Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I belong to Jesus

BBC SPORT | AC Milan 2-1 Liverpool

Kaka evoking images of Lucio's "100% Jesus" shirt...must have been the devil's night off

Ah well...not going to gloat or crow. No joy or schadenfreude...just relief that their arrogant, smug, empty-vessel no-marks won't be able to rub our noses in it. To the proper reds I commiserate...that almost goes without saying.

A very tight game as expected...if you take Milan's handball and Kuyt's offside out of the equation than really all you've got is these two chances :

I wonder why no liverpool player tracked back to clear Inzaghi's second off the was hardly a net-burster.

Overall you need to wonder about Benitez's tactics...picked the wrong team and then didn't help things with his substitutions. Perhaps if you look at last night it was the wrong result...liverpool should have won but perhaps it was the right result after Istanbul. This one just had bad karma written all over it for so many reasons. The celebrations round Liverpool seemed to have started well in advance....always a bad sign.

Trouble outside the ground too...liverpool fans got in with forged tickets or just bunked in without one. This meant fans with real tickets were stuck outside. The police couldn't let them in and things turned ugly. You've got to feel genuinely gutted for people who've went all the way over there with legit tickets only to find someone's bunked in instead of them. You'd be seething, it's understandable if tempers boiled over. Ultimately the liverpool fans, and English fans in general, need to look at themselves for their collective cheerful disregard for the rules (remember the United fans and their problems earlier in the season)...if you haven't got a ticket don't travel. On places like there was plenty of revelling in 40,000 Scousers taking over Athens, and with people bunking into games earlier in the season.

I know a few chaps who went out there and they are old hands. Got their tickets sorted well in advance, flew out a few days before, got to the ground well early (I actually got a text from inside the stadium from my mate'd have been cool if I wasn't so jealous ;) ). Safe journey home lads...commiserations.

Anyway, we are rapidly running out of sport................

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I love you Jesus!!