Thursday, October 27, 2005

Things I learnt last night

They don't call it "The Moan Stand" for nothing.

Whinge, whinge, whinge....Everton are a team low on confidence...bleating at the players isn't going to help. No-one ever plays better for having 10,000 people tell him he's sh*te. At one point Beattie dropped 30 yards to receive a ball from Kilbane which he worked insider for Neville (I think) to work forward and someone behind me rewarded his effort with an angry shout of "Get in the box Beattie".

We lost again...although I reckon we were the better side. We just have no cutting edge whatsoever.

The crowd was very flat which isn't usually the case on these League Cup nights and it certainly wasn't the case for the Bucharest game (a game we had virtually no-hope of winning)...We should have got behind them 'cause they are definitely showing signs of improving. Arteta was ace on the right and van der Meyde came on and looking pretty good on the left.


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