Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Happy Super-Birthday

Well then another happy year on the board. 31 of them chalked up now. Being the landed gentry nowadays I got a fair bit of gardening stuff but that's fine by me as I have a lot of projects in mind (I won't bore you with them here but it's amazing how much you get sucked into gardening). Anne got me a woodburner for the patio so I think I'll be looking forward to some pyro-maniac moments too.

My mate's daughter, who is only one and a bit years old, managed to learn how to send me this e-card :

October is well and truly the birthday season...Two good mates of mine, Paul Cunningham and Carmel Wilde both share my birthday and Flynny who I've known since god-knows-when has his tomorrow. The father of our little e-carder has his birthday on the eve of St Crispins day.

Carmel texted me to tell me she was being taken for a champagne breakfast down in Royal Leamington Spa where she works...then 20 minutes later she texted back to tell me that it was just Bucks Fizz sans champers (It did strike me as a but early I have to say).

In other news the fellow I work with here in Manchester who spent yesterday mocking me with the typical thieving scouser jokes had his wheel trims stolen from outside his house last night...Good old God, Sometimes not so mysterious. I got to sit back and say "Well of course in the Capital of Culture we can afford alloy wheels."

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