Monday, October 10, 2005


England............What's to be done. I just can't be arsed. The games are just so mediocre at the moment. We have qualified for the world cup and yet people have barely batted an eyelid. At the weeked we all tripped down to Barracuda in town to watch the game and while our intentions were honourable after half time we barely glanced at the screen. This is unusual as generally I am the one who's really enthusiastic about England games.

Aside from the uninspiring match we dranks lots of beer and had a good time. The Barracuda has a truly bizarre array of adult type vending machines in it's toilets but we resisted the temptation to invest in an inflatable sheep.

In other news Scotland somehow managed to lose to Belarus therefore ending their world cup hopes (typical, they do the hard work and then stumble at the last) and Ireland kept their hopes alive with a tight win against Cypress.

The best game would have been Northern Ireland against Wales which finished 2-3 with a good comeback from Ulster being pegged back.

Also Lovell Rugby got my new rugby top to me in world record time (1 working day!!!! tremendous).

Lovell Rugby

Thanks chaps.

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