Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Comin' straight outta Netherton

Teenager fires BB gun in my old school

Well, whilst almost every Old Ambrosian I've spoken to is pretty negative about the place it was certainly not that bad when I was there.

Also recently it was meant to be on the up...just goes to show you.

It was not the most academic of places...I reckon a lot of the people who came out with average GCSEs should have got good marks. I myself got 3 Bs and 5 Cs but we were never even told about college or university...it wasn't really presented as a goal for us. Careers advice seemed to consist of "Which one should I put you down for? British Gas apprenticeship or The Army?"...I'm not trying to make out I was Oxbridge material (you've seen my spelling for starters) but you'd think there was more to life than that.

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