Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Everton didn't lose

In fact we won!!!!!!! Yay!

Chuffed to bits 'cause we just haven't been getting the breaks recently despite an upturn in form. COYB!

Me and Anne went to Buxton to get some fresh air outdoorsy type time before the weather turns nasty. We went up onto the hill overlooking the town and into some extremely interesting caves and generally spent time nosing about, eating and sitting in pubs.

We managed to pick up a stray after getting toalking to a group of friends. It turns out that one of them was going to Liverpool the next night to spend 7 hours at John Lennon Airport. It's kind of odd asking someone you've only just met to come and stay with you but it's more weird to know that someone you are chatting to will be sitting in an airport (not two miles from your house) for over a quarter of a day.

Anyway nice weekend.

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