Monday, November 14, 2005

English heart

Saturday 12th November 2005 : What a truly wonderful day to be English.

From the moment I woke up and tuned to TMS on 5live sports extra 'til the moment I stumbled in worse for wear hours after the final whistle of the Argentina game I could scarcely ask for more.

Watched the start of the rugby in Waterloo RFC clubhouse (which was enjoying a pound a pint day on Cains Lager) with a load of boisterous scousers and some equally enthusiastic cockney types (Blackheath being from East London). At 3pm strolled out to watch 'loo win in some style capturing a bonus point again too. Having heard the bar staff wax lyrical about how well England had played against Australia we then settled into the bar to watch the truly superb footy match whilst the club sent out plates of free food. Luckily the food had been consumed by the end of the game 'cause the place was rocking when we scored those two goals. Content, grinning & strangers had been hugged, beer had been quaffed and I'd reached the high water mark on my drunkenness...we grabbed a seat and sat back to grin and smile as Great Britain's mud-humpers put the cherry on top by besting the Kiwis. Just to make our dominance global we learnt that some golf chappie had left the Grand Union's finest in his wake too.

Excellent stuff summed in three words "Happy and glorious".

Waterloo is continuing to gain fans.....this time we had 10 or so, hope to do it quite regularly. Indeed some of my friends from Crosby are thinking of joining.

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