Wednesday, April 01, 2009

We're going to Wembley! COYB!!!!!

Got my Wembley ticket this morning at 8:05am...had been in the queue since about 5:30am. Absolutely chuffed.

Am in Block 549 which is in the Upper Tier, am quite for back but who cares, there's not a bad seat in the place...Using the miracle that is the internet I've located a picture that's taken from row 5 of that block.

New Wembley Stadium, Block 549
With many thanks to Flickr user 'unruly chaffinch'

Here's my Twitter updates from the whole endevour

Tell me Ma, me Ma to put the champagne on ice. We're (hopefully) going to Wembley twice #everton
about 8:30am

Two Wembley tickets sorted. Sound as a proverbial pound. CoyB! #everton
about 8:00m

Queue growing rapidly. Don't think this club would know what hit them if we were ever actually successful. Steward's just brought me a tea...
about 6:30am

Ooh twenty in the queue now. I'm sure this makes for dull reading but it's keeping me awake. #everton
about 6:00am

At Goodison Park. Ten blues in the queue already. Birds singing. Could be worse. #everton
about 5:30am

I must be mad. #everton
about 4:55am

It has to be said that Everton have done really well on this whole thing, really fair allocation policy, loads of stewards keeping you informed (6am starts for them too), orderly queuing system and efficient service once you get there. Top marks to all the staff at Everton FC, they really looked after the fans on this one.

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Blue Merchant said...

I've been to the new Wembley for a couple of England matches. I don't think there are any bad views from inside the stadium - plenty outside!

Enjoy the trip and let's hope we win.