Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Superb article about Everton's semi final win

Finally got round to watching the Man Utd v Everton semi final again last night, was nervous watching even knowing the result. Interesting how your impressions are different after the fact. I thought we were a lot more comfortable in the first half whilst Fellaini was actually a lot more imposing than I'd originally thought. One thing that cam through loud and clear on the tv was the Everton support. It was a nervous affair but from the start of the second half onwards it was just a wall of noise from us. It's something that'll always stay with me.

Loving this:

David Moyes' Everton reach the FA Cup final

The days when Moyes was being questioned after a troubled summer in the transfer market and there was uncertainty over his own future before signing a new, long-term contract seemed an age away as he joined in the celebrations at Wembley.

And when Everton's players had not been at their best during the game, a seething wall of sound produced by their supporters stepped in to provide the missing inspiration.

Everton's fans have fashioned pessimism and long-suffering into a fine art but the wild scenes among those in royal blue at the final whistle suggested the long wait to grace a showpiece final had been worthwhile.

The coaches streamed back to Merseyside from London festooned in flags, scarves and smiles, with the supporters on board anticipating the chance to pursue greater glory at the end of May. They have waited all this time for a Wembley appearance and two come along at once.

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