Monday, April 27, 2009

BBC not giving Everton a fair crack of the whip?

Not sure if this is just paranoia or just me being gutted after a rotten afternoon at Goodison Park but it seems recently that Match of the Day are being a wee bit snidey to the blues in recent weeks.

After the Villa game they did an absolute hatchet job on Fellaini basically labeling him a thug (the week before our big semi final).

This week they seemed to just ignore a lot of the key issues of the Everton V City game, to be honest it was a fairly fair result but the manner in which it was achieved and how it was reported did grate. They barely touched on the possible fouls in the lead up to their first goal, they didn't bother showing the three incidents when City fans seemed to slap on of our players and tried to spin the outrage over an overlooked Robinho handball as Evertonians booing their own team.

A game against one of Mark Hughes' teams almost always leaves a bad taste in the mouth, I loathed him even when he was an Everton player and his teams are generally in his own makes it even worse when you feel the BBC are trying to twist the knife.

Perhaps that's harsh...there is lots to be upset about from Saturday, not least of all the Jagielka injury. Another player doing their knee ligaments the week after a truly magnificent cup performance. It's just sickening. Just hope Arteta, Jagielka, Yakubu and Anichebe can come back from these injuries and that the rest of the team can cope in their absense. COYB!

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