Friday, April 17, 2009

Another "Time Cahill says all the right things" interview

Tim Cahill interview

He also appreciates, he says, the heritage of a club that has participated in more FA Cup semi-finals than all bar Arsenal and tomorrow's opponents, United. More, even, than their high-achieving local rivals. "But I think it's difficult to be an Everton supporter with Liverpool in the Champions League every season, spending hundreds of millions. So when you see kids on the streets of Liverpool in Everton jerseys you're like, 'well done, son'. You're really proud of them because they genuinely support their local club. When we play derbies we see coaches coming from Norway carrying Liverpool supporters, but these are young kids whose parents have taught them what it is to be an Evertonian. It's the People's Club, for sure."

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Albert said...

It happens the same with all the teams that have been winning eveything in the last 20 years. In Barcelona there's a lot of children wearing a FCBarcelona shirt and they don't even know any player of that team.